We're on a mission to support professionals across the world to allow them to Embody their leadership style, be clear, engage with their audience and inspire action.


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    Know thyself

    Mission: Take ownership of your uniqueness and your excellency

    Be coached & grow personally and professionally


    We are committed to our clients and their teams success.


    One-to-one coaching sessions, will allow you to:

    • Find your excellence strategy

    • Know Your Personality Type with Enneagram

    • Understand how to communicate and interact with others

    • Put yourself in winning situations

    • Increase your choices

    • Find creative problem solving solutions

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    Articulate and express clear ideas

    Mission: Embody your Ideas with simplicity & accuracy

    Move from confusion to clarity and simplicity


    Whether you are an agency or a leader we work to articulate custom



    We co-design outstanding events finding the best rhythm and tone for

    international conferences. We suggest the right speakers amongst a

    worldwide network for the best possible experience for the attendees

    and the highest impact.


    We work together to get leaders ready for key moments of your

    career: a presentation, a negotiation or a strategic meeting.

    We sharpen your ability to:

    • Define your intention & set your goal

    • Articulate your idea clearly and concisely

    • Tell a story to your audience

    • Increase your communication skill & your impact

    • Adapt yourself to different situation

    • Shape your visuals

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    Develop high impact

    communication skills

    Mission: Express your passion in a clear and memorable messages

    Find your own style, raise your voice, increase your impact


    We have been training and coaching worldwide leaders & entrepreneurs. Training combined with on demand coaching allows you



    • Develop your executive presence

    • Improve your presentation skills

    • Reduce your stress and increase your confidence

    • Identify and strengthen your own style

    • Get yourself ready for decisive moments

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    Inspire action - Make a difference

    Mission: Legacy and Ongoing Evangelist

    Build personal & lasting relationships with your audience


       Serve your passion, your message fully. Engage with your audience


       beyond your presentation so they can engage fully with your ideas.

       Make it easier for people to put your ideas into action

    • Be introduced to an international network of experts

    • Talk place on international conferences to share your passion

    • Spread your idea through Social Media

    • Optimize your Personal Digital Branding

  • To inspire an audience you need 
    Passion,  Ideas, Vision, Curiosity, Innovation, Confidence, Creativity,

     Direction, Commitment, Practice, Tool, Roadmap, Experience, 

      Articulation, Platforms, Connections  


    You Need to Embody Your Passion in order to

    move crowds from confusion to inspiration


  • For our clients, the focus is on growing as a person, as well as a professional and, learning to turn ideas into actualities.

    Through this practice, professionals are able to engage and in the end, inspire.



    "As a public speaker, MC and trainer of conference speakers and CEOs around the world, I know how hard it is to articulate your passion in order to inspire an audience.  The key to being a great speaker is moving beyond traditional training and learning to embody your ideas and concepts; to let your creativity become part of your vision and passion and then share that passion with others.
    The Embody Agency is a new approach to executive coaching. Our professional training and executive coaching methods go beyond the stage and challenges executives to paint their own future. I founded the Embody Agency to encourage people imagine greater, think broader, and discover their true selves. By creatively thinking about concepts and ideas we are able to find each person’s individual rhythm, voice, passion and song.  Like a painter we focus on the creation and the expression of creativity in order to teach people to call on this energy when they take the stage.  This is how the best speakers are able to reach their audiences; by becoming and embodying the idea they are expressing.
    I have traveled the world from Paris to Doha to San Francisco, teaching prominent professionals in all walks of life to embody their ideas and express them on international stages.  Our unique training method teaches professionals to approach public speaking as a life long journey to discover a new level of creative passion.  The training, whether one-on-one or in groups, helps communications on and off stage and teaches strategic thinking, ideation, communications and leadership skills.  

    The focus is on growing as a person, as well as a professional, and learning

    to turn ideas into actualities."


    Aurélie A. VINCENT


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    Aurélie A. VINCENT

    Founder & CEO

    Bridge the gap between who you are and what you are doing


    Aurélie's delight is to see people thrive. Our life journey is short! It's barely a blip on the radar in the history of humanity.


    We have a limit time so it comes with questions like:

    • How do you want to use it?
    • What does it mean to get the best out of it for you?
    • How to make it meaning full for you?
    • How to Embody your Talent at its best?

    Embody Your Talent

    Know yourSelf, Articulate your Ideas,

    Communicate your Vision, Make a difference

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    Look at things differently to make a difference in the world

    Allowing people to Embody their Talent is "a difference that makes the difference"


    For our clients, the focus is on growing as a person, as well as a professional, and learning to turn ideas into actualities.

    Through this practice professionals are able to engage and in the end, inspire.

  • Embody Your Vision across the world



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    Aurélie A. VINCENT





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    Marissa Cuevas Flores

    CEO & Founder of microTERRA

    Echoing Green Fellow 2019 | National Geographic Explorer 2018

    I had the privilege to have Aurélie A. Vincent as my coach. She supported me in many aspects of my leadership and entrepreneurship journey.

    She is an excellent coach for leadership development, moreover, her expertise in strategy and team management are outstanding.

    She supported me to prepare crucial moments of my career: strategic and annual team meetings and in numerous public speaking events, interviews, and pitching events.

    Her style is unique because she mixes emotional growth and support with technical expertise in business management. Her practice integrated not only the cognitive intelligence but also the somatic and emotional intelligence. I really felt that I know and embrace my own leadership style better with more confidence.

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    Rinda Lopez Bautista

    President & CEO

    Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc

    I was fortunate to work with Aurelie at WISE, where she coached me.


    Aurelie demonstrated a serious knowledge about public speaking and presentations.


    It was amazing working with her as she picks up immediately what is essential. She is very positive and encouraging.

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    Daniel Fox

    Public Figure - Explorer

    The Power of Nature to Restore the Human Spirit

    I am public speaker and I feel pretty comfortable in public or TV appearances.

    When Aurelie coached me for public speaking her input and insights were helpful and made a real difference.
    Her coaching is very efficient: structured, concise and effective.


    I recommend her to anyone, whether you are good or not at giving presentations or public speeches.

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    Richard Kelley

    President Sercel, Inc.

    Aurelie coached me for an important product launch that was presented to an audience of over 1000 people at an International Annual Convention in Houston.


    She is clearly passionate about what she does and her positive energy was fantastic.


    Aurelie has a unique approach,
    tailor-made and very efficient.

    I am not normally a "touchy-feely" guy so there were times that were challenging for me, but I know I was better because of the exercises we did together.

    This presentation was key for our company’s new product launch. We are the market leader and this type of preparation contributes to keeping us ahead of the competition.

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    Louis Montagne


    Open World Forum in 2013

    The Open World Forum is the reference event for Open Source and Free
    Software in Europe. For the 4th edition, I wanted to have someone help us professionalize the event, build the rhythm, the pace, introduce everyone and take great care of every speaker, whether the speaker is a rock star or not.


    Aurélie was the perfect fit. Her strong assets, her dedication to service, her fine sense of humor and ability to make the best out of nice human beings were just what we needed. We had a great event, she managed to be the Master of Ceremony with great ease, it was a pleasure to be announced by her.

    I warmly recommend her.